Pregnancy Yoga Training Course 2019

This 5 day, 70 hours, vocational training course will enable you to teach yoga safely and effectively to pregnant women within a group class setting and working 1:2:1. The course will also enable you to offer suggestions on how yoga can support a woman through the course of her labour.  After completion of the course you will be accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals to teach yoga to pregnant women.


Who is the course for?

Yoga teachers: The course is open to all qualified yoga teachers from any school or tradition. Trainee yoga teachers who have completed a foundation teacher training course are also eligible to apply.  Teachers must have a passion to use the physical and mental benefits of yoga to support women in this special and sacred time of their lives.


Yoga practitioners from other professions: Non-qualified yoga teachers are welcome to apply if they come from a related profession such as midwifery, doula, health workers or education.   All non-qualified yoga teachers must have been practising yoga for at least two years and have attended a minimum of 40 hours of yoga classes.


The Course Content (syllabus)

Anatomy and Physiology (5hrs)

The physiological changes, hormones and emotions from conception to labour.

Labour, a ‘normal’ labour and other courses of labour, including induction, intervention and caesarean-birth. *This section will be led by midwife and co-tutor Evony Lynch

The pelvis and pelvic floor in pregnancy and labour.


Complications in pregnancy(4hrs)

Common conditions of pregnancy, including pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction, sciatica, LBP, HBP, oedema, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, heartburn wrist pain, back pain and the impact of relaxin on the ligaments.

More serious conditions, including preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

The dark side of pregnancy, bereavement and grief.


Yoga Asana(10hrs)

Yoga in the first trimester, to practise or not?

Asana and class sequences for the 2nd and 3rd trimester of yoga.

Optimal Foetal Positioning and asana.

The grey areas i.e. lying on the back, squatting in third trimester, when to stop or start adho mukha svanasana, baddha konasa, and inversions?

Precautions, prohibitions and modifications in asana practice for women suffering from common conditions of pregnancy.  Including safely integrating women with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) into a class.

Using props in asana: swiss/gym balls, pilates balls, blocks, bolsters, cushions, chairs, straps, and paired work.

The pelvic floor: traditional kegels, postural asanas for pelvic floor engagement and release, and structural support of the pelvis.

Yoga for birth preparation: birthing positions for the 3 stages of labour.


Pranayama, meditation and visualisation (8hrs)

Breathing practices for pregnancy and labour.

Working with sounds, mantra and mudra.

Visualisations, affirmations and meditation for pregnancy and labour.


Planning and teaching (10hrs)

Lesson planning and class sequences to enable well rounded yoga classes that meet the varying needs of pregnant women.

Incorporating yoga philosophy within a class.


The business of teaching pregnancy yoga (3hrs)

Setting up a class, suitable venues, class times, payment structures, and health and safety.

Discussing birth with sensitivity and non-judgement.

Marketing and networking.


Yoga Alliance Professionals Accreditation

70 hours in Teaching Pregnancy Yoga.  This is a vocational training course, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professional (YAP).  The course has met the stringent requirements set by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.  Our graduates are trained to the highest standards.


Venue, dates and cost

Venue: The Wellbeing Studios St Agnes, Miners and Mechanics Institute

St. Agnes Heritage Coast, Vicarage Rd, Saint Agnes, Cornwall TR5 0TL


Dates for 2019

Saturday 16th February 9.00am-5.30pm

Sunday 17th February 9.00am-5.30pm

Monday 18th February 9.00am-5.30pm

Tuesday 19th February 9.00am-5.30pm

Wednesday 20th February 9.00am-5.30pm


Cost of course: £585 

*Or £1100 to attend both the Pregnancy Yoga training course and the Mum & Baby, Toddler & Pre-school Yoga training course 2019.


How to apply and Payment

There are a maximum of 10 places available on the course.  To apply please fill out the application form and Amy Jones will contact you to confirm your suitability and place on the course.  She will also send out pre-course information including the assignments, reading list, code of conduct and complaints procedure.  She will also arrange a payment of a non-refundable deposit of £200 (or £300 to book onto both courses, Pregnancy Yoga training and Mum & Baby, Toddler & pre-school Yoga training 2019) per person to secure your place. Payment plans available on request.




Course hours and materials

70 hours Pregnancy Yoga Training

     -    40 hours of face to face contact hours with Yoga Alliance Chartered Level 2 teacher Amy Jones. Two and a half of those hours will also be with midwife and co-tutor Evony Lynch 

-       12 hours personal reading and research.

-       18 hours assignment, planning and teaching.


Amy Jones will provide a detailed pregnancy yoga-training manual to support all aspects covered in the course. Students are expected to obtain all set texts on reading lists themselves prior to the start of the course and will need to bring them to each day of the course. Additional useful books will also be included on the reading list for future suggested purchases and study.


Terms and conditions

Booking (T&Cs)

Booking for just Pregnancy Yoga Training course 2019:

The course costs £585.  A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure your place.  The remainder (£385) is due Tuesday 15th January 2019.  You can pay this remainder in instalments prior to the 15th January 2019, to be arranged directly with Amy Jones. You will receive an invoice and receipt for all payments via email.


Booking for Pregnancy Yoga Training and Mum & Baby, Toddler & Pre-school Yoga Training courses 2019:

The cost for both courses £1100. A non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to secure your place onto both courses.  The remainder for the Pregnancy Yoga Training course (£400) is due Tuesday 15th January 2019 and the remainder for the Mum & Baby, Toddler & Pre-school Yoga Training course (£400) is due Wednesday 6th March 2019.  Payment plans to spread the cost of both courses available on request, to be arranged directly with Amy Jones.


You will receive an invoice and receipt for all payments via email.

Payments are via BACS:

Sort code 40 43 36

Account number 31531956

Mrs A F Jones, use your name as the reference.


Included in the price:

-       5 days training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Processional Chartered Level two teacher

-       Pregnancy Yoga training manual

-       Refreshments through the day

-       Certification upon completion of the course, including all assignments.


Not included:

-       Transport to and from venue

-       Accommodation for the duration of the course

-       Lunch

-       Insurance to teach pregnancy yoga.  

-       Set course texts


Refund and Cancellation Policy (T&Cs)

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable, in the event you need to cancel your place:

- Cancellations 28 days or less before the course start date all payments are non-refundable.    Deposit of £200 (or £300 for both courses) is transferable to future courses.

- Cancellations 29 days or more before the course start date payment of £385 refundable.  Deposit of £200 is transferable to a future course.


To cancel your place please do so in writing to


Amy Jones has the right to cancel the course at any point.  In the unlikely event of a course being cancelled you will be refunded your full course fees.  Other costs incurred such as travel or time off work cannot be reimbursed.


Attendance and completion of the course (T&Cs)

Students should attend 100% of the course contact hours.  Failure to attend the course contact hours will result in non-completion of the course and no certification. There may be the opportunity to make up missed contact hours, this must be pre-arranged with Amy Jones and will cost £180 per day.  Certification of the course is also dependent on the successful completion and passing of all written assignments.  If additional time and support is needed to complete assignments this will need to be agreed with Amy Jones and will cost £30 per hour for any additional time given by Amy Jones.


Your details (T&Cs)

Please note that Amy Jones will pass on your details (name, email and phone number) to the Yoga Alliance Professional so they can contact you directly and invite you to register as a Trainee and Teacher.   You understand you have the option of opting out of this registration process.  Your details will not be passed on to any other parties.  


Applicants from non-yoga teachers (T&Cs)

Graduates are only able to teach yoga in their professional capacity.  Non-fully qualified yoga teachers cannot advertise themselves as a yoga teacher after the completion of this course.  Graduates are only trained to teach pregnancy yoga.  Graduates who are professionals in another capacity will be offer an Affiliate Membership on a membership only basis with Yoga Alliance professionals. Non-yoga teachers must have been practising yoga for a minimum of 2 years and attended 40 hours of yoga classes and be able to provided evidence of this as part of the application process.


By registering and paying a deposit for the course you are agreeing to all the T&Cs laid out above, including the cancellation policy.  You are agreeing to adhere to the code of conduct policy and confirm you have read and are happy with the complaints procedure.


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course 2
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