The world needs yoga and inspirational, knowledgeable and successful yoga teachers, I want you to succeed for you, your students and the world of yoga - together we can thrive!  Amy is looking forward to helping you thrive, whether you need support on the teaching or business side of things, or both, you are not alone!

Since the start of the covid crisis Amy has spent many hours supporting other yoga teachers, sometimes you decide what you are going to do next and other times it finds you, mentoring teachers to support them in making their yoga offering thrive is something that has certainly found Amy.  She loves helping others to create thriving yoga offerings, that serves them and their students.   


As a senior yoga teacher and teacher-trainer Amy comes from a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has grown over the last 12 years her own successful yoga business to include classes, workshops, training courses, running a studio and recently successfully adapted to the world of online teaching.   She left her secure, well paid job as a secondary school music teacher to create a business and lifestyle that worked for her and her students, taking the brave step to become a full-time yoga teacher has been one of Amy's biggest life affirming moments.    Coming from an educational background she understands what it is to be an effective teacher (of anything) and that teachers flourish in environments where they feel supported, empowered and good practise is shared to improve everyone's experience of doing yoga.  Through mentoring Amy will help you find your dharma, your reason why you do what you do, refining your current offering so it works for you and your yoga students, creating something that everybody loves! 


Tailored mentoring

Mentoring tailored to suit your needs, meeting you where you are right now.  Following your free 30 minute introductory mentor session via zoom Amy will work with you to establish an action plan to improve and refine your yoga offering so it works for you and your students.


Action plan will establish:

  • Where you are now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Identify how to get there in clear manageable steps, creating a mentor package that suits your needs.

How we will work together:

  • Zoom (or in-person) mentor sessions working on refining current current offering through targeted action plan. Zoom sessions are booked at an hourly rate but can be divided into small chunks of time.
  • Lesson observation with feedback (can be a live zoom class or recorded classes).   Observation will include written feedback via email and follow up verbal feedback via zoom (or in-person).

Cost: £60 for 1 hour mentoring session or lesson observation with feedback


Other support available for teachers mentored by Amy:

  • 25% reduction on the cost of observing and participating in one of Amy's classes (live or recorded via zoom)
  • 25% reduction on the cost of attending further training workshops with Amy (live or recorded) 
  • Regular email check in and support
  • Joining Amy's closed teaching & business mentoring FB group. 


Who is mentoring for?

Yoga teaching can be a lonely life, when Amy was a school teacher she had plenty of work colleagues to turn to for support, advice, ideas and inspiration.   Yoga mentoring could work for you if you are feeling in need of support with any aspect of running a yoga business and teaching classes.   Mentoring is open to anyone who needs it and Amy feels she has the right skill set to support you, but it may be of particularly use for the following teachers:

  • Newly qualified teachers and trainee teachers, needing more support beyond their foundation training course.
  • Established teachers looking to refine and expand their offerings to be more productive.
  • Teachers who feel their offering is not serving them and feel stuck.
  • Teachers who are losing the love for yoga and are unsure of their reason why they teach.
  • Teachers who are struggling with difficult decisions and need some support.
  • Pre and postnatal yoga teachers who are struggling to sustain regular pregnancy and postnatal classes or looking for support with class content for pre and postnatal yoga.

What might mentoring include?

There are multitude of reasons why great teachers don't thrive or great yoga practitioners don't always teach yoga effectively.   On the surface being a yoga teacher seems easy, you practice yoga and love it, you train to teach and then you share your knowledge with others in your yoga classes, easy right?!    But a yoga teacher has so many dimensions, both on the business and teaching front, and the bottom line is very few of us are jacks-of-all-trades.   However I do know through supportive environments and effective advice that anyone can be a teacher (regardless of specialist subject) and with right tool set running a yoga business is not rocket science.    


Working with Amy will focus on your personal needs. If you need help on the teaching front this will include lesson observations, observing Amy teach, exploring smart and effective planning tools, creating yoga classes your students will love, exploring differentiation to support all needs within one class, effective use of language that the body understands and refining that all important term 'holding space'.   Here in lies one of the problems with teaching of any thing full stop, it can be full of phrases and buzz words that in practice we don't really know what it means and therefore what can we do about?  The art of teaching, standing up in front of people (in-person and online), and communicating your intentions clearly and effectively to achieve the desired outcome for your students is easier said than done.  Student retention is king to growing your business, finding that core community, which doesn’t need to be big, that want to be taught by you.   You can have the best yoga practice ever, but are you teaching in a way that your students are enjoying and therefore that core group keep coming back?


Sometimes it has nothing to do with your teaching skills, you've just got timings wrong, venue wrong, a too lenient payment structure, or perhaps very few people know about your classes?   Although Amy will admit she is no social media guru she can help you with the basics both on FB and Instagram, and point you in the right direction when it comes to your messaging and branding on your website.   We can't be experts on everything and perhaps paying someone to build you a website with an integrated, easy booking system is all you need to reduce your unnecessary admin and get students coming to class.    As part of our mentoring Amy will look at all aspects of your business, what classes you currently teach, layout of website, current use of social media, do you have a niche, and is your messaging clear?  What's currently working and can you build on this, expanding into re-occurring workshops that serve your current student base.   Do you have some beliefs systems that are stopping your offering from flourishing or do you need support in making tough decisions, such as putting up your prices and dropping the drop-in!


You can create a yoga offering that does not zap all of your energy, that leaves time for you and your yoga practise.   In Amy's experience yoga teachers can be terrible at talking about money, of course our yoga teaching is a service to yoga, of course it's our calling in life, our passion, but it is still ok to make money, to make enough money to make the teaching worth the energy exchange.  Once you view your teaching in terms of energy exchange you begin to make smarter decisions about what is and is not working for you, and Amy is happy to help you make these tough decisions.