All online live in-person further training workshops are via zoom, and you are able to access to all recordings for 28 days after the live event.   At your pace learning further training modules coming soon to, along within in-person further training workshops from Amy's St Agnes studio.


The Pelvis, Pelvic Floor, and Posture Pre & Postnatally      

2021 dates coming soon!

This workshop is for any yoga teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher and mum & baby yoga teacher who wants to best understand how to support the pelvis and the pelvic floor in the important act of growing a baby and delivering a baby.


Workshop content:

- Understanding and incorporating pelvic centric movement into asana.

- The pelvis, pelvic floor and posture.

- Pelvic floor, to squeeze or not to squeeze?  Understanding how best to improve pelvic floor function.

- Opportunity for Q & A at the end.


The grey areas, when teaching yoga to pregnant women  

2021 dates coming soon!

This workshop is for any yoga teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher that is looking for some clarity (if that's possible) on the grey areas when teaching yoga to a pregnant woman.  Pregnancy is full of dos and don'ts, yet who knows her body and her baby the best, she does, our role as yoga teachers is to simply empower this!


Workshop content:

- Yoga in the first trimester, to practise or not?

- Advice around supine lying 

- To do or not to do - adho mukha svanasana, baddha konasana, twist, squat, inversions and back bends?!

- Teaching the pregnant experienced yogi


Teaching yoga postnatally

2021 dates coming soon!

This workshop is for any yoga teacher and mum & baby yoga teacher who is looking to better understand women in their class who have recently had a baby and how effectively to use yoga to support them.


Workshop content:

- Understanding the body postnatally

- The impact of breastfeeding on a yoga practise.

- Postnatal rehab for diastasis recti

- Postnatal rehab for pelvic floor issues, including prolapse.



The business of teaching pre & postnatal yoga, including effective online teaching.

2021 dates coming soon! 

This workshop is for any pre & postnatal yoga teacher looking to expand and improve their yoga offering when teaching pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and mum & baby yoga classes.   This will particularly suit newly qualified teachers, teachers looking at ways to create a successful online offering or for what ever reason are struggling to make their classes for mums and mums to be successful long term.


Workshop content:

- When and where to teach in-person pre & postnatal yoga classes.

- How to teach pre & postnatal yoga effectively online.

- What to charge and how to charge it.

- Planning to not plan in pregnancy and mum & baby yoga classes - adapting on the spot!

- Effective on-going marketing when offering pre & postnatal classes.