Jane Cradick

(300hr Foundation Yoga TT co-tutor)

Jane has been practising yoga and mediation for 9 years and teaching for 5 years, originally she trained as a children’s yoga teacher, then went on to do 200 hour multi-style training in India 2015.  She has since completed another 300 hours of training with various senior and experienced teachers and is currently studying with Keren at FYS.   Jane’s shared her love of yoga in Bristol and Portugal before returning home to Cornwall 2 years ago, now running successful classes suitable for all levels and all ages.  Most recently she taught on a 200 hour training course in India in 2018 and runs her own Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course in Cornwall and Thailand.   Jane teaches playful and creative classes in a concise and simple manner, flowing sequences and mindful breathing, accompanied by music making classes both energizing and nurturing.  She blends a colourful mix of her favourite methods of yoga to create her own unique style, with a deep sense of cultivation self-love and resilience at the core of her teachings.


Evony Lynch (Pre & Postnatal Yoga TT co-tutor)

Evony assists in delivering the Pre & Postnatal Yoga Vocational Teacher training course.  Evony brings a wealth of experience as a midwife of over 15 years, doula and hypno-birth teacher.  She has dedicated her life to supporting women bringing new life into the world.  She brings her first hand experience of birth to the course and will deliver the section on "Labour, a 'normal birth and other courses of labour, including induction, intervention and caesarean-birth.  I am so pleased Evony is able to bring her vast knowledge and experience to the course.  You can find out more about Evony at www. westcornwallmidwife.com