Classes for December 2020

Vinyasa Yoga Saturday 9am-10am via zoom

Vinyasa yoga is a strong style of yoga that combines breath with movement to build heat, strength and flexibility.   


Yin-club Thursday 7.15pm-8.15pm via zoom

Yin is a softer style of yoga, where postures are held for longer periods of time, targeting deeper connective tissues, a slower practise that helps to balance out busy yang lives.


If you plan to attend both classes sign up for my monthly subscription, see below!


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Vinyasa & Yin on-demand, monthly subscription, £25 per month

Monthly subscription includes:

  • Zoom access to Yin-club & Vinyasa yoga, with class recordings up-loaded and available after live class.
  • Weekly 30 min pre-recorded class.
  • Little extras such as pranayama of the month & technique sessions.
  • On-going access to library recorded classes.
  • Membership to Amy-Yoga Online FB group (but you do not need to be a FB user)

To access these classes live and on-demand, and additional monthly extras visit to join Amy online and on-demand.

Let's Be-Yin

Enjoy this free, short, yin yoga course, an act of kindness for world kindness day!  Two short yin classes that explore what it is to be yin and what it means to practise yin yoga. 


To sign up for this free course click here