Toddler & Family Yoga

Join me with your little ones (and any other family members who are keen!) for some yoga fun. The class will be a mixture of songs, postures, story telling and relaxation (well maybe?!). Just as with our in-person classes young children are invited to take part, and it's ok if they get distracted.  I'm hoping to find the opportunity for a few adult sun salutation.

Classes run online via zoom, we'll start and finish unmuted so we can all say hello and good bye, but during the class participants will be muted, unless of course you'd like to ask something, so please don't worry about any class disruptions. I'm hoping to create the same yoga chaos and joy we found in person, online, I hope you can join me in doing this!

Classes cost £24 for a 6 week block, unfortunately if you miss a week credit does not roll over. If you prefer you can drop-in and you are also able to join mid-block.  Classes are currently Friday 9.30am-10.15am - CLICK HERE TO BOOK