Postnatal Yoga


Having spent 10 months growing and delivering a baby postnatally the body needs time to heal, restore and be reclaimed.   Amy's postnatal yoga classes are suitable from 6 weeks post birth and 8 weeks post cesarean birth, and can be done with or without your baby.  Classes focus on gently strengthening and toning the body, re-discovering the core and pelvic floor and address common postnatal conditions such as back pain, wrist pain, shoulder tension, pelvic floor health and diastasis recti.  Amy's group postnatal classes are currently delivered via zoom. 


Classes run in 6 week blocks, but you are welcome to join mid-course, or drop-in.  Unfortunately if you miss a week within your block credit does not roll, you are able to join mid-block and drop-in.  Classes are currently on a Friday 10.30am-11.30am - CLICK HERE TO BOOK


You can also do postnatal yoga with Amy's online postnatal course to assist with regular home practise.  The course includes classes covering the stages of postnatal recovery and specialist classes on common postpartum conditions such as yoga for diastasis recti, back pain, wrist and thumb joint pain, pelvic floor health and cesarean recovery.  This course can be purchased at