Based in sunny Cornwall Amy has three main passions in her life, her family, surfing and sharing her love of yoga through her teaching, training and mentoring. Amy has taught for over 12 years and comes from a wealth of experience, knowledge and love.


Amy initially completed a 500hr teacher training course with the British Wheel of Yoga.  Since then she has gone on to train with Bridget-Kramer Woods, Lucy Crawford-Scott and in recent years she has become one of Gary Carter's anatomy students.  This has had a profound impact on how she now approaches the human body, movement and anatomy, fuelling her love of the human body.


Back ground

Prior to her life as a yoga teacher Amy taught music in schools and trained music teachers.  Teaching yoga and training & mentoring yoga teachers has felt like a natural progression from her educational background.  Amy understands what it is to be a good teacher (of anything!) and knows the importance of supportive environments, that share best practise to improve the experience of yoga for everyone.


Amy has a deep love of the human body and a passion to get as many people doing yoga as possible.  Following the birth of her children she designed her own toddler yoga classes.  This has led to the creation of not only her Toddler & Pre-school Yoga training course but becoming the author of her own book, Two Little Yogis!  Alongside yoga and her family you will find Amy in the sea surfing with her friends.